Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage – San Jose Offices

Commercial water damage at this San Jose office building resulted when a pipe within the walls developed a leak. The business owner realized quickly that he nee... READ MORE

Storm Damage – San Jose School

Storm Damage impacted this San Jose School when heavy rains overflowed a nearby waterway and allowed groundwater to enter the interior of the school. The before... READ MORE

San Jose Mold Remediation

A log-cabin home in the San Jose area is susceptible to subterranean termites and mold infestations. SERVPRO can help with the latter attack. The Before Photo s... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In San Jose

Don't wait to contact our crew after water has damaged your hardwood floors. Our experts at SERVPRO are standing by 24/7 to respond to your water damage emergen... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke Damage in Fremont

When billowing smoke coats porous surfaces with a smelly, sticky film and adjacent materials are burnt, a deconstruction is needed. SERVPRO strives to restore a... READ MORE

Water Damage In San Jose

You need to call our experts after a water damage disaster has occurred on your San Jose property. We provide 24/7 emergency service, and our crew will respond ... READ MORE

Garage Fire Damage in San Jose

Improperly stored paints and oily rags often lead to flare-ups and fire damage in the San Jose area. Fortunately, most fire damage is not the result of wildfire... READ MORE

San Jose Storm Flooded Structure

When the basement of a structure in San Jose gets flooded as illustrated in the Before Photo, a rapid response is needed to mitigate the damage, which can be ex... READ MORE

Fire Damage In San Jose

If your San Jose home experiences a fire, you need the crew at SERVPRO! We are available 24/7 and will respond quickly to your fire damage emergency. Our fire d... READ MORE

Water Damage to home in Fremont

When a pressurized water line springs a leak in the adjacent bathroom to the hallway, the water can travel fast and with sufficient volume to damage the structu... READ MORE