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3 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Professional Contractor To Handle Your Mold Problem

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

White spots of mold on wood We are mold-certified mold remediation specialists in Saratoga, CA.

Three Reasons to Consider Hiring a Professional Mold Removal Contractor

Pervasive and found in every building regardless of whether or not its presence is visibly detectable, mold is capable of compromising the structural integrity of edifices if given enough time. It is known to devour nutrients in certain construction materials, with wood and paper being especially vulnerable due to their cellulose contents. While it is unable to obtain nutrition from inorganic substances like concrete, because it may thrive in essentially any area where it is damp, dark and cool, there exists the possibility of finding it clinging to almost anything in an establishment. This includes carpets, ceiling tiles, insulation, sheetrock and more. Porous materials are particularly susceptible to being overtaken by invasive microorganisms. If you have discovered mold in your business, contacting a professional remediation company in Saratoga, CA, to handle the fungus cleanup might be the best action to take next. Here's why.

1. Professionals Are Better Equipped To Handle Specific Circumstances
There are situations where the aid of an expert is needed to thoroughly clean up mold. Examples include:

  • The mold growth covers an area of significant size
  • There is extensive water damage
  • Your HVAC system has been overtaken by the fungus
  • Water/water damage present is the result of contaminated sources or sewage

2. Bleach Is Less Effective Than Generally Believed
Bleach is the go-to solution when it comes to sanitization/sterilization. It is known for its effectiveness in eliminating certain undesirable microbial life forms. However, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, actually does not suggest using it for fungus cleanup (though there do exist exceptions). This is because of the root system; some mold spores will be left behind after treatment.

3. Simple Wiping Is Often Less Than Sufficient
One of your first instincts might be to spray the mold with a strong disinfectant and wipe it off. However, even if you can no longer see it, wiping it away generally will not remove it completely, for the same reason bleach doesn't.
Fungus cleanup may be a long, difficult process or a quick, easy one. However, if you are unsure about the severity of your infestation, it is often wise to consult a professional.

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