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San Jose’s Two Rose Gardens – A Couple of Silicon Valley’s Spectacular Gems

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

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Perfect for Residents and Tourists of San Jose to Take in the Immense Beauty and View Countless Varieties

Although with different street names (Naglee and Taylor) in downtown San Jose, you can find two gorgeous Rose Gardens on the same road. These dedicated areas bring world-class beauty to our city and show we have more than Silicon Valley’s high-tech offerings.

Roses have different names as well as universal meanings. With red signifying love and white indicating purity and innocence, all the other hues also have meanings. You can learn about these flowers’ names, histories, and even culinary uses, as well, when visiting either of the Gardens.

The Municipal Rose Garden – A Popular Spot for Rose Aficionados

Only the Municipal Rose Garden contains the more recent varieties. Some of the older ones included rose bushes started from cuttings by famous individuals, including Martha Washington. It currently holds around 3,500 different plants of almost 200 variations.

A great amount of attention to the latest rose hybrids meant that several of these older roses got removed from the collection. Many of the newest roses end up here, years before they are available to the public for family gardens and commercial landscaping.

The upgrading and dedication to quality earned the San Jose Municipal Garden the ongoing title of “America’s Best Rose Garden” by the All-America Rose Selections. The organization was so impressed with the Municipal Garden, which is why they send all new varieties to the Municipal Garden for testing before they release them for sale to the public.

Before this happens, though, rose experts check new types of roses for different characteristics. They consider:

  • The number of blooms,
  • Their intensity, as well as uniform coloring,
  • General health, and 
  • Formation of both blossoms and the overall plant.

To make room for the newcomers, the removal of older ones became necessary. Some of these rose specimens were the only ones and became lost forever. The continued loss of older roses gave Tom Liggett the idea of creating a separate location specifically for older specimens.

The Heritage Garden was Not Built First.

Our Rose Gardens hold thousands of varieties, with the Heritage Garden highlighting rose specimens that are as old as four centuries. The Heritage Garden includes roses from other countries on different continents. Visitors can also see some modern varieties here.

Because the Heritage Garden design centers on the protection and preservation of the roses planted there, but with little to no maintenance, there is no playground, nor bathroom facilities or picnic area available.

The meager costs involved in putting the Heritage site together included using otherwise unwanted land. However, the heavy air traffic overhead does nothing to detract from the roses' beauty as it would with a residential neighborhood. Volunteers and the low-cost irrigation system continue to keep costs minimal.

Ways the Public can Enjoy these Rose Gardens.

A special note: When visiting these San Jose Gardens, please do not take any flowers or other natural items. This includes deadheading or removing wilted flowers or broken stems. There are special volunteer programs for those who wish to work in the Gardens. You can call (408) 794-7275 for information about doing this and contributing to San Jose.

Weddings only at the Municipal Rose Garden and require a reservation. There is a specific number to call for special reservations like an upcoming wedding. 408-794-6500. There are two different setups available. One area is for larger weddings and the other for quicker, smaller ceremonies. Both are beautiful and provide new couples with vibrant, living built-in scenery and backdrops.

Park authorities allow non-professional photography at all times in both locations. However, professional photographers, including those used during weddings at the Municipal garden, must obtain a permit before holding any photography session, regardless of other permits and licenses.

Instead of hiring someone to take photos to commemorate your family's milestones, you might find the roses provide the perfect background for many situations. These are only a few suggestions:

  • The birth of a new baby,
  • Graduation from kindergarten through university,
  • Holiday celebrations, and 
  • Adoption of a new family member.

The Municipal Rose Garden has a playground area nearby and includes BBQ grills and picnic tables. Shaded areas also make the area quite enjoyable. Bathrooms and other facilities make the park immensely modern, and dedicated volunteers help keep it clean.

Parks like those in San Jose perform double duty. They do more than make it enjoyable and fun to spend time outside. They also help protect cities when flooding occurs. The expansive grassy areas help absorb extra water and give it extra space to spread out and not damage anything. Both aspects help keep rainwater from turning into flood water that might invade and damage your home.

SERVPRO is always ready to help residents in San Jose effectively deal with flood damage. Our services include restoring the interior and the contents to pre-flood condition wherever possible. We use the latest technological advances and discoveries, combined with highly efficient equipment, to perform the job needed as quickly as possible.

During a flood, a tremendous number of contaminants lodges inside the textured surfaces of your home. Manual cleaning combined with rinsing with clean water removes a large percentage of these organic compounds.

However, it only takes a fraction of the original number to cause odors, mold, and undesired health effects. We no longer rely on the much-used stand-by, ozone, especially in damp locations. Instead, we use hydroxyl-generating machines that provide a much safer approach. Our customers do not need to worry about discoloration or fabrics and carpets in upper levels, nor remove living plants. 

Restoring a flood-damaged home needs a knowledgeable approach to minimize waste and the need to replace otherwise salvageable materials. This includes continuously working with the family involved, as communication helps put a family back in control of their situation.

SERVPRO of Campbell wants to help make your property clean, safe, and dry again after flood damage from storms take their toll. Making your home livable again, “Like it never even happened,” is what we do. Call (408) 371-4001 for a fast emergency response.

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