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How SERVPRO® Can Help Your Office

10/10/2023 (Permalink)

Equipment in Office SERVPRO® uses the latest in restoration technology to keep downtime due to loss to a minimum

SERVPRO® is a professional cleaning and restoration company that can help your office in various ways. Here are some of the ways in which SERVPRO can assist your office:

1. Water Damage Restoration:

SERVPRO can quickly respond to water damage incidents in your office, whether it's due to leaks, floods, or other water-related issues. They can extract water, dry affected areas, and prevent mold growth, helping to minimize damage and restore your office space.

2. Fire Damage Restoration:

In the unfortunate event of a fire, SERVPRO can provide fire damage restoration services. This includes cleaning smoke residues, deodorizing, and repairing structural damage. They work to get your office back to its pre-fire condition.

3. Mold Remediation:

If your office has mold growth, SERVPRO can assess the situation, contain the mold, remove affected materials, and clean and sanitize the area. They also take steps to prevent future mold growth.

4. Storm Damage Cleanup:

After a severe storm or natural disaster, SERVPRO can help with cleanup and restoration. This includes removing debris, drying and cleaning affected areas, and repairing structural damage caused by the storm.

5. Commercial Cleaning Services:

SERVPRO offers regular commercial cleaning services for offices. This includes carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, HVAC system cleaning, and general janitorial services. A clean office environment promotes a healthier workplace for your employees.

6. Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup:

SERVPRO has trained professionals to handle biohazard situations and crime scene cleanup. They can safely clean and disinfect areas affected by biological or chemical contaminants, ensuring the space is safe for everyone.

7. Document Drying and Restoration:

In the event of water damage affecting important documents, SERVPRO provides document drying and restoration services. They use specialized techniques to salvage and restore water-damaged documents, books, and files.

8. Odor Removal:

SERVPRO can address persistent odors in your office, whether they are from smoke, mold, or other sources. They use specialized equipment and techniques to eliminate odors and improve indoor air quality.

9. Emergency Ready Profile (ERP):

SERVPRO offers an ERP service, where they assess your office space and create a comprehensive profile of important information in case of an emergency. This can help you minimize business interruption during a disaster by having a plan in place.

By utilizing SERVPRO's services, you can ensure a prompt and professional response to various emergencies and maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your office.

Don't Let Disaster Stop Your Business

10/3/2023 (Permalink)

gym flood Fast action turned a blown broiler from disaster to better than new

SERVPRO® is the premiere company specializing in fire and water cleanup and restoration services. If your business has experienced damage due to fire, water, or other disasters, SERVPRO can provide several benefits to help you recover and get back on track:

1. Rapid Response: SERVPRO offers 24/7 emergency services, meaning they can respond quickly to mitigate damage and prevent further issues.

2. Professional Expertise: SERVPRO technicians are highly trained and certified in the latest restoration techniques. They know how to assess the damage, develop a plan, and execute it efficiently.

3. Advanced Equipment: SERVPRO uses state-of-the-art equipment for cleaning, drying, and restoring your property. This helps in minimizing the damage and reducing the restoration time.

4. Insurance Liaison: Dealing with insurance companies can be complicated. SERVPRO can help manage the insurance paperwork and process, making your life easier during a stressful time.

5. Preventing Secondary Damage: Water and fire damage can lead to secondary issues like mold growth and structural damage. SERVPRO experts understand how to prevent these secondary damages, saving you money in the long run.

6. Thorough Cleanup: Whether it's water extraction, smoke damage cleanup, or mold remediation, SERVPRO ensures a thorough cleanup, leaving your business safe and habitable.

7. Minimized Downtime: By efficiently restoring your business premises, SERVPRO helps in minimizing downtime. This is crucial for businesses, as it reduces the impact on revenue and operations.

8. Professional Odor Removal: Fire and water damage often bring unpleasant odors. SERVPRO has specialized techniques to remove these odors, ensuring your business space smells fresh and clean after restoration.

9. Customized Solutions: Every business is unique, and so is the restoration process. SERVPRO provides customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach to the restoration of your business.

10. Peace of Mind: Knowing that professionals are handling the restoration process can provide peace of mind. You can focus on other aspects of your business while SERVPRO takes care of the cleanup and restoration.

What Should I Do If My Roof is Damaged in a Fire?

10/5/2022 (Permalink)

Blue tarp on roof Tarping your roof after a fire will protect it from water damage

What Must I Do If a Fire Causes Damage to My Roof?

After a fire, it's common for your roof to sustain some kind of damage. While you may not need to replace the entire roof, there are certain steps that can be taken to ensure that your home in Los Gatos, CA is safe from further damage and that it will remain standing for years to come.

Tarp Your Roof After a Fire

Tarping the roof after a fire is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home. The tarp will keep water and other elements out of your house and prevent it from leaking, which could damage the structure of your home.

The tarping process should be done correctly by professionals who know how to properly protect your property from water damage during this delicate time.

Why Tarps are Necessary After a Fire

You should be aware that tarps are necessary for a number of reasons. First, and most obviously, tarping your roof after a fire will protect it from water damage. This is important because once the rain starts up again (and it will), any exposed wood on your home's exterior will begin to swell and warp in the wetness, eventually causing significant structural damage to your house's framework. Tarping also keeps out animals and debris like leaves or twigs that can cause additional problems with erosion over time; as well as keeping out heat or cold depending on when you choose to cover up your home's exterior after a fire has occurred.

It is Important to Have a Professional Tarp Your Roof

A professional will understand the best process for tarping your roof as well as the importance of doing it correctly:

  • Roof tarps will keep the elements out and prevent further damage to your roof.
  • Roof tarps are necessary to keep the roof watertight, which is important for preventing further damage to the interior of your house.

Tarping your roof after a fire can be an expensive and time-consuming process. However, it is an important one that should not be taken lightly. The last thing you want to happen is for water damage or mold to start growing because the tarps were not installed correctly or were left off for too long. If you are dealing with this situation, please contact us right away so we can help!

3 Kinds of Hidden Damage to Watch For After a Partial-Loss Fire

8/20/2022 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire damage in Campbell, CA.

After a Fire with Partial Loss, There Are 3 Types of Hidden Damage to Look Out For

Any type of fire loss can cause a major disruption to your Campbell, CA, business. However, things can get particularly complicated in the event of a partial loss. In the insurance world, the term partial loss refers to a situation where a fire occurs but does not destroy the entire building. A partial loss fire often causes unseen damage, which results in insufficient insurance claims and, consequently, inadequate fire restoration work. Be wary of these three commonly overlooked sources of hidden property damage after a partial loss fire.

1. Smoke Damage
Where there's fire, there's smoke and in a business fire, smoke, soot, and ash usually spread much farther than the flames themselves. In most cases, nearly every interior surface will need to be cleaned and deodorized to eliminate soot stains and smoke odors. This type of cleanup should only be done by a professional remediation company, using specialized cleaning agents and techniques. Some items may be too damaged to restore and will need to be replaced. Porous surfaces, such as carpet and upholstery, are at a higher risk of total loss from soot and smoke damage.

2. Water Damage
A common side effect of fire loss is water damage, usually caused by the high pressure and large volume of water used to put out the fire. Mold growth often begins within the first 24 hours after a fire and can spread through the building's air ducts to areas beyond the fire-damaged zone. Unchecked mold growth can cause serious property damage to your building. A certified industrial hygienist should conduct a full mold inspection after any fire.

3. Heat Damage
The intense heat produced by a fire can cause significant damage to your building. At extreme temperatures, the glass may warp, and window or door frames may blister or melt. Iron or steel can transfer heat to other areas, causing structural instability. An engineer's inspection is often the best way to detect this damage.
A fire loss doesn't have to destroy your entire building to cause widespread property damage. Checking for these damage sources will ensure that your insurance claim and restoration measures are adequate.

3 Functions of an Electronic Claims Service

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Tablet and cel phone. Choosing a provider with an electronic claims service allows for more transparency.

Three Functions of an Electronic Claims Service

In the event that disaster strikes a residential or commercial property in Monte Sereno, CA, the owner may need to make an insurance claim. Insurers prefer to work with restoration companies that maintain rigorous professional standards and digitize records. Here are three notable differences between a restoration company that still deals in paper documents and a nationwide service network with an electronic claims service.

1. Provide Authorized Access
An electronic claims service can restrict access to claim-related documents to authorized parties. Rather than processing paperwork that is only secure until it is not, and which can be damaged or misplaced, an electronic service requires authentication for access and backs up files.

2. Track an Insurance Claim
The SERVPRO electronic claims service can also improve the ability of a property owner or insurance agent to keep track of the materials involved in a property damage claim. While property owners should still retain copies of damage documentation, proof of loss and a restoration estimate, an electronic claims service provides peace of mind that critical documents cannot be accidentally destroyed or misplaced.

 3. Support Instant Communication
The availability of up-to-date materials in an electronic claims service is essential for speedy claim settlement. A service that notifies users when new materials become available has clear advantages over disjointed analog workflows. While an electronic claims service may not yet support internal live communication, these materials are readily available to be referenced in calls between insurance providers, policyholders and a restoration service provider.
In the event that you need to make an insurance claim for a property located in Monte Sereno, CA, choosing a provider with an electronic claims service allows for more transparency. These services provide authorized parties with persistent access to claim materials, deliver updates and ensure that all stakeholders are working from the same up-to-date documentation.

3 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Professional Contractor To Handle Your Mold Problem

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

White spots of mold on wood We are mold-certified mold remediation specialists in Saratoga, CA.

Three Reasons to Consider Hiring a Professional Mold Removal Contractor

Pervasive and found in every building regardless of whether or not its presence is visibly detectable, mold is capable of compromising the structural integrity of edifices if given enough time. It is known to devour nutrients in certain construction materials, with wood and paper being especially vulnerable due to their cellulose contents. While it is unable to obtain nutrition from inorganic substances like concrete, because it may thrive in essentially any area where it is damp, dark and cool, there exists the possibility of finding it clinging to almost anything in an establishment. This includes carpets, ceiling tiles, insulation, sheetrock and more. Porous materials are particularly susceptible to being overtaken by invasive microorganisms. If you have discovered mold in your business, contacting a professional remediation company in Saratoga, CA, to handle the fungus cleanup might be the best action to take next. Here's why.

1. Professionals Are Better Equipped To Handle Specific Circumstances
There are situations where the aid of an expert is needed to thoroughly clean up mold. Examples include:

  • The mold growth covers an area of significant size
  • There is extensive water damage
  • Your HVAC system has been overtaken by the fungus
  • Water/water damage present is the result of contaminated sources or sewage

2. Bleach Is Less Effective Than Generally Believed
Bleach is the go-to solution when it comes to sanitization/sterilization. It is known for its effectiveness in eliminating certain undesirable microbial life forms. However, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, actually does not suggest using it for fungus cleanup (though there do exist exceptions). This is because of the root system; some mold spores will be left behind after treatment.

3. Simple Wiping Is Often Less Than Sufficient
One of your first instincts might be to spray the mold with a strong disinfectant and wipe it off. However, even if you can no longer see it, wiping it away generally will not remove it completely, for the same reason bleach doesn't.
Fungus cleanup may be a long, difficult process or a quick, easy one. However, if you are unsure about the severity of your infestation, it is often wise to consult a professional.

Tips for Protecting Your Property from Flood Damage

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed on warehouse area Storm damage in a West Valley, CA warehouse.

How To Protect Your Property From Storm Damage and Flooding

Flood damage can seem like a remote, theoretical risk – that is, until it’s in your face. Fact is, experts have estimated flood costs for the globe’s 136 largest coastal cities could cost $1 trillion annually by 2050. Wise property in West Valley, CA, property owners are thinking ahead by creating a flood plan. Not sure how to protect your property from storm damage and flooding? Here are a few tips.

About Floods

Federal officials define flooding as partial or complete inundation of 2 or more acres of normally dry land area or of 2 or more properties. Typical causes include:

  • Overflow of inland bodies of water
  • Rapid accumulation of surface runoff
  • Mudflow

All can create damage, but even just an inch of water can result in recovery costs estimated to average $27,000. Being prepared won’t eliminate the risk, but it can help minimize the costs of recovery.

Inspect Your Property
Part of flood-proofing a building is making sure that you inspect it regularly. Look for cracks in the foundation or other structure systems that could be vulnerable in high waters. Also check:

  • Flood panels, to ensure the panels or gaskets are working
  • Drainage systems for signs of damage that could prevent the pipes from draining properly

Apply Waterproof Sealants
Invest in waterproof coatings and sealants and apply thoroughly to foundations, walls and even doorways of your property. This so-called “dry flood-proofing” measure can form a thin but sturdy barrier that can minimize flood damage effects.

Invest in Water Pumps
Foundation vents encourage water to flow through a building rather than pooling around it, reducing the pressure flood waters can put on walls. This type of “wet flood-proofing” is particularly useful in buildings with basements.
Flood damage can be devastating both physically and financially. Get ahead of the risk with these tips and by identifying a local water cleanup specialist in case the worst does happen.

Where There’s Fire Damage, There’s Sure to Be Water Damage

1/30/2022 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out a fire in a big building Commercial fire damage in Monte Sereno, CA.

Fire and Water Damage In Your Building

A structural fire can cause serious damage, but unfortunately, the flames aren’t the only damaging element to wreak havoc on your building and its contents. In order to put out a raging inferno, firefighters have to use massive amounts of water and other chemicals, which means that whatever the fire didn’t ruin, the water surely did. In addition to having to deal with fire and smoke cleanup, you will also be forced to deal with water cleanup. So, where do you start? FEMA recommends doing the following immediately after a fire:

  • Contact your insurance agency
  • Turn off the utilities
  • Create as much ventilation as possible
  • Contact a cleanup crew

Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider

First things first: you need to report the fire to whichever agency will be compensating you for damages. The longer you wait to report the fire, the slimmer your chances will become of recovering the full cost of damages.

Turn Off the Utilities

This is important for a number of reasons. For one, you can save money by shutting off the utilities you won’t be using for the foreseeable future. Two, by leaving the gas or electrical running, you may unwittingly cause another fire or explosion. If you don’t know which utilities to turn off, the Monte Sereno, CA, water cleanup crew can help.

Create Airflow in Your Building

Part of fire cleanup efforts includes ridding buildings of smoke odors and the harmful contaminants caused by soot. You can aid the fire restoration team in their efforts by opening as many windows as possible and creating adequate airflow. However, only do this once you’ve been given the go ahead by the fire department.

Contact a Water Cleanup Crew

A professional fire cleanup crew can help you separate all salvageable items from the non-salvageable. They will have all the necessary water extraction equipment to effectively free your building of excess moisture and get it to the point where it can be recovered (if that’s an option). Finally, professional cleaners will remove all damaged materials, wash down all surfaces and advise you on what you need to do bring your building back to pre-fire condition.